Who are we

Each student at our school works at his or her own level. After the intake, each student starts in a learning line appropriate to age and school history. Every afternoon, the teacher reviews the work of the student and decides whether the work is okay or needs adjustment. Can the student handle more work, can the student do more difficult assignments or are we going too fast?


Feeling safe is paramount in our teaching. A student must first feel safe before the student can learn. We do this by showing genuine interest in the student. We take the time and rest to get to know the student. In addition, we give the student space to get used to our school and the space to be themselves. Because the days at our school have a clear structure, they are predictable.


After the student feels safe at our school and is able to learn, there is room for personal growth. Qualities, personal interests and talents are expressed. The teacher gives attention to this in class, but at school we also organize technique lessons and talent shows.


Students who come to us for an intake, planned and unplanned, can always start with us the same week. Developments in the world affect our intake of students. We never know exactly how many students will be starting at our school in the coming period. This unpredictable influx makes our work dynamic and requires flexibility from the team.


Students start at our school from all over the world. We see this diversity as an enrichment. Our students learn to deal with what is their own and what is different, with what connects and what sets them apart. We believe that embracing diversity enhances student well-being and achievement.


As a team, we are very aware of our special population. We are the first safe haven for our students and can truly make a difference for them. We all work at ITK with the same passion. This ensures that we as a team are proud of how we shape our education every day, together. We also show our students how beautiful it is to be together, each with his or her own story. Our students all have in common that they still have to learn the Dutch language. This common denominator unites them.