Parent engagement

A good relationship between parents and school is very important to us. Students need to feel safe at school in order to learn well. If we have insight into the home situation and background of your child, we can better respond to the needs of your child. A good contact with parents is therefore very important to us. To stimulate contact with parents we pay attention to the following points:

Always welcome
Parents can always visit us, with or without an appointment. We also help them on their way if they have other questions than education related questions. We think with them and refer them on if necessary.

Extended intake
When parents come to school to register their child/children, we take the time to do so.

Understanding each other
We believe it is important that we understand each other. Therefore we use an interpreter if necessary, our letters to parents are in short sentences and with pictures, we have a shortened school guide and we have a website in several languages.

Coffee mornings
In the newcomer groups, we invite parents to come to school with their child three times a year. Their child explains what they do at school, shows their work and the parents see the class and classmates. We do this intentionally with the child present. After all, the child can communicate well with the parents (speak the same language). We also often see parents making contact with other parents during such morning activities. Often the parents are in the same situation, they do not yet speak the language, do not yet understand the Dutch language and this can offer them some support.

Reading mornings
Twice a school year we organize a group reading morning. Parents read aloud in their own language. The children join the parents who read to them in their own language.

Summer party
At the end of the school year we celebrate the end of the year together. Parents come to school and bring snacks from their own culture. Together we eat and there is an opportunity for parents to interact.