Summerschool Haarlem

What is a Summer School?
The summer school in Haarlem is a school that is open for the first two weeks of the summer vacations. From Monday to Friday, just like a regular school.


In the lessons the emphasis is on language. Language is important to be able to learn well. If you know many words, you understand stories and other texts better. This is useful for the lessons in Dutch and history for example. But also in math you regularly have to read stories before you can do the sum. With language you can also ask better questions and explain what you mean. So: If you understand many words, can read them and can explain them, this will help you learn.

Who is it for?

The summer school is for children who are now in group 5, 6 or 7. Children who have difficulty with language, especially with vocabulary and reading comprehension.

In summer school?

Yes, that sounds pretty crazy. You finally have time off from school and then you go to another school. Still, it might not be such a crazy idea. The summer vacation lasts six weeks. That's quite a long time. Do you practice the Dutch language during that time? Do you read a lot and practice your spelling? Do you learn new words? No? Then it is a good idea to come to the summer school!

What do we do?

The nice thing about summer school is that we don't just learn as we do in regular schools. In the morning we explain and practice language. And we make a newspaper! A newspaper about our city Haarlem. So almost every afternoon we go into town! There we collect information for our newspaper.


Do you have questions or do you want to sign up? Then go to the website: Attending summer school does cost money: 30 euro. Do your parents have a Haarlempas? Then they can contact us.