Care Pathway

Tracking pupil development

We work with our own student tracking system to closely follow the progress of the pupils. A student file is created of each pupil as soon as the child has started at school. The progress and test results of your child are kept in this file during school. Testing takes place partly verbally, partly in writing.

The teacher and the internal supervisor regularly discuss all the students in his/her class. They will discuss the growth and/or stagnation in the subject areas: technical reading, vocabulary, reading comprehension and mathematics. The social-emotional development of the students is also discussed.

At the ITK there are three internal supervisors (Ib'ers).

  • Valeska van den Bunt: she is Ib'er of the kindergarten groups and the upper school.
  • Vera Keetlaer: she is Ib'er of the lower and middle grades.
  • Esther Mandjes: she is Ib'er of the first years.

The Ib'ers follow all our students closely. They do this by looking at the student file, regularly working in the group and by observing students. After the tests, the Ib'er also discuss the individual and group results with the teachers. She also gives advice to the teachers about pupils who need special guidance. If necessary the Ib'er makes contact with external parties. For example, a speech therapist.