What kind of program do they follow

Global daily schedule
In the morning, each group starts with reading instruction. The Dutch sounds are being practiced and there is reading. Usually with each student separately, sometimes in a small group. Then we work on language and spelling. Each student has a drawer with its own weekly schedule and workbooks. In the weekly planning is exactly what the student must make each day and what methods are used. Then it's time for a break. There is food, drink and play outside. After the break, math is on the program. Again, each student calculates on his / her own level. After the second break in which lunch is served and also played outside, vocabulary is on the program. With the help of a theme and fun active lessons, many words are taught to increase the vocabulary. In addition to this global daily schedule, there is also time for social-emotional development, increasing ICT skills and physical education.

Subject areas and methods
Our subject areas are vocabulary, technical reading, spelling, reading comprehension, writing, arithmetic, social emotional development, creative development, technology, music, and physical education. World orientation is not a separate subject, but it is discussed especially during vocabulary lessons.