Our education

Organisation of our education

At the ITK, groups are divided by age. Students of the same ages are in the group together. Each group has a name of a planet. Consider the names: Mars, Mercurius, Saturnus and Pluto. There are about 15 students in each group. The groups are relatively small. This a conscious choice because we provide education according to individual needs. Each pupil follows education in their own learning line, at their own level and pace. The teachers are partly supported by a teacher assistant.

Global structure of the day

In the morning, each group starts with reading instruction. Dutch sounds are practiced and reading is done, individually or in a small group. After that, they work on language and spelling. Each student has a drawer containing their own weekly schedule and workbooks. The weekly planning shows what the student has to do each day and which workbooks have to be used. Then it is time for the morning break. There is time for eating fruit, something to drink and playing outside. After the morning break, math is on the program. Math is also taught at their own level. After the lunch break where the students also play outside, vocabulary is on the program. Using various themes and fun active lessons, the students learn the Dutch language. Besides this global daily schedule, there is also time for social-emotional education, culture, increasing ICT skills, physical education and citizenship education.

Subjects and methods

Our educational subjects are language (verbal language, comprehension and vocabulary), technical reading, spelling, reading comprehension, writing, mathematics, social-emotional education, creative education, music and physical education. World orientation, citizenship education and digital literacy are not separate subjects, but we offer these subjects integrated.