The Grand Crossing

The Grand Crossing is a program secificallypfor eighth grade students and their parents. The students and parents are coached before, during and after the transition to high school with the challenges surrounding this exciting period. Coaching starts halfway through grade eight and only stops after the youngster has completed the first few months at the new high school.

Together with parents and child we explore the opportunities and challenges. Pupils and parents get a perspective on what awaits them at secondary school, both in a practical sense, around homework and learning, and in a more abstract sense. Think for example about which considerations determine the choice of school and profile, but also which talents they can use or develop in their next stage of life.

The coaching before the summer vacations focuses on the themes from the discussion chart below, which was specially designed for the program. After the summer vacations the weekly meetings will have the character of a Better Learning program, supplemented with a theme workshop from the discussion chart below.

The program consists of three components:

Great Crossing Program

This component includes weekly meetings in PO (before the summer) and VO (after the summer) for the youth, where they are supported through workshops on different topics that come up during the transition period.

Parent and child meetings

Six meetings with parents and children are held, spread over the entire duration of the coaching program. These are interactive meetings where parents and children receive information - and discuss with each other - about the transition to secondary school.

Coaching at home

Within this component, the coach makes home visits to the family for an introductory, interim and evaluation meeting. In addition to these three meetings, additional coaching is possible for families who could use more support.

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