Stichting IMC Weekendschool

IMC On Tour Haarlem

Every week, the IMC Weekend School Foundation provides the free supplementary lesson program IMC On Tour at the International Language Classroom in Haarlem. Pupils from the age of 9 learn more about professions during these lessons. Together with guest teachers from various professional fields, the children learn what it is like to be an architect, lawyer, police officer, forester or artist, for example. These lessons are a special introduction to professional possibilities and to Dutch society. In this way we want to give the students extra material to participate independently and with motivation in primary education, and we make sure that the talent and potential of these young people can flourish. There are several intake moments per year because new students are regularly registered in language classes.

Contact person: Jildou Feenstra

Phone number: 06-43776200

Website: IMC Weekend School