Our mission, vision and values

Our school's mission statement tells our identity. What do we stand for as a school?

We are ITK Haarlem, a school for newcomers. We offer all our students customized education. Our school is a warm bath. We truly see the student, with everything he has experienced. Therefore we also invest in the relationship with parents. We work on a comprehensive development, so that students discover their talents, can grow and move on to a fitting educational place. We are an inspired, enthusiastic team with a flexible and inquisitive attitude. It makes us proud to give our students a safe, good start in their lives and learning in the Netherlands.


The vision of our school tells what we  are strive for as a school.

Our wish is that all children at our school feel at home in the Netherlands. We do this by really seeing each student and offering them a customized service in a safe environment. In this way children can grow and find their own place.

Core values

Our selected core values form the foundation of our actions. The core values from which we operate are important for our educational process.